Introducing Fractal - The New Plastic Aesthetic From Prodigy

Since Prodigy Disc began manufacturing discs in 2013, the company has produced many variations of plastic blends.

Currently, there are seven types of plastics in the Prodigy lineup you should know, which range from easier to break-in to extremely durable. We have now added a fourth visual treatment that the seven types of plastics can have. These aesthetic treatments can be either solo or combined to create even more unique combinations.

Introducing the Fractal Line

Fractal is the new visual treatment in the Prodigy plastic lineup, joining Spectrum, Glimmer, and GLOW as an additional aesthetic variation.

Fractal line discs utilize a new proprietary processing technique splashing colors in a complex motif that can trick the eye into seeing patterns while each element remains distinctive and abstract. It’s calming, chaotic, and completely one-of-a-kind.

Fractal discs are launching February 2024 in our 300, 300 Soft, and 300 Firm plastic.

Fractal Line Discs

Discs made in 300 Fractal plastic were first made available to Team Prodigy players in the PA-3, PA-1, PA-2, PA-4, PA-5, and PX-3 putt and approach models. Prodigy Club members also received a brand new Prodigy Club Putter model in 300 Fractal plastic as part of the Q1 2024 member box.

Fractal line discs will be featured on several 2024 Signature Series discs, releasing in March 2024, including a midrange model for the first time, and will soon be available for Custom Disc Orders. 

Stock Fractal stamps will release April 25, 2024.