Samuli Mykkänen

We are excited to announce the hiring of new European Sales Manager Samuli Mykkänen! Samuli is an extremely skilled sales and marketing professional, with a strong background in retail and wholesale business of many well-known international brands. Also over 10 years of experience as a professional athlete, in addition to the same amount of experience in international business. We are excited to have Samuli as a part of the Prodigy Family!


Who is Samuli Mykkänen?

Helsinki based multilingual family man.


What’s your background in disc golf and sports overall?

Been playing disc golf for ten years. My first time was in Meilahti (the first disc golf course in Finland) and I was not hooked the first time. But after a few rounds I felt like ”this is it”, a great way to spend time with your friends out in nature. This still gives me a kick when I go out and play. Been a pdga member since 2015.

I also have a strong background in Ice Hockey as I played pro for almost ten years around Europe and North America.


What’s your background in sales and business overall?

Sales have been an easy choice for a guy like me. I like to be around people, that usually helps in business. Been working in the fashion industry for the past ten years with brands like Diesel, G-Star, Lyle&Scott, New Era and many more.


Why Prodigy?

When Lasse Paju gave me a call and we spoke for a good half an hour, I think we both already agreed that this is something we want to do. A few phone calls back and forth and we got it done. I want to thank Lasse and the Prodigy Disc family for this great opportunity. I'm a big fan of Prodigy's products and I really like what they do for our sport!


What motivates/drives you?

Definitely new things. So travelling and meeting new people will always motivate me.


What are you looking forward to most?

Being part of the Prodigy Disc family and building Prodigy Disc to become bigger and stronger than ever in the European market. I also look forward to meeting all of our partners and getting to work with them.


What can the prodigy family and our partners expect from you?

Coming from a different business background you can expect me to bring a lot of new thinking and TLC ( tender, love and care ) for our partners. I speak fluent Swedish, Finnish, English, Danish and Norwegian, which means I'm able to serve many of our partners in their native language. Let’s hope I don’t give too much of a headache for the Prodigy Family around the world.

Best Regards,

Sales managerSamuli mykkänen